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When being involved in anything, either do it on a higher level, or don’t do it at all. We think that managing a team, the most important thing is having the same views and aims. That is when, mutual understanding is established and you can be sure that all the work is undertaken properly. Besides, we are all friends, and this makes our company even more close-knit.

So, once you are a new visitor of our gaming blog, welcome to learn every single detail about online gambling, rules of entertainments, beneficial conditions and new releases of the industry. Each article is dedicated to a new topic, which describes not only virtual casinos available for Canadians, but also their formats, games, terms, etc. Time to become a master of the gameplay.


Being a diligent student in Whittier Law School has its consequences. You know all the rules, principles and legal acts, herewith, the desire to play casino games is still into you. So, in order not to leave everything in the form of a dream, 3 students of the school dared to organize a gambling evening within a framework of Student Bar Association. It was a rainy evening of 21st November, 2012, the idea seemed to be wonderful.

The feeling that there is something you know and the rest is not aware of arouses the desire to share the knowledge with others. That is why, right after the graduation, one of the students went to Canada. Not mentioning his personal goals, the co-founder learned all the details of legal state of the country and invited his 2 friends for business. That is when we created this site, which is centered around online gambling in Canada.

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Team Members

If you wanna go fast, then go alone. But if you are willing to go far, then you should take a friend along. No matter what others say, but we know from our own experience that a team based on friendship is much stronger. That is, of course, if you are really friends and there is no competition between you. There is nothing worse than secret dislikes or envy.

Our company started its way with 3 good fellows, who spent their student years together and wanted to continue the adult life hand in hand. Each member made his contribution into the creation of the site and now you can get to know them better in order to imagine the face behind the screen. Nice to meet you, anyway 😉


Hey, I am sorry Tom, but I can’t keep it secret. Besides, guess I will say for the majority that you were, are and will always be our geek. Tom literally knows everything about law and it concerns not only one country. That is why, having a conversation with this man, you will definitely find something new for you.

He has always been a restless person and the desire to create something in order to combine business with pleasure was his top aim to reach. Yeah, he is the one who moved from the states to Canada and engaged Bobby and Bryan. Finding enjoyment in your daily stuff is the most attractive thing, right?

Our Experts Know Everything about Online Gambling


Pedantic, skeptic and very serious. Yep, this is our Robert. This man doesn’t believe to anything! Can you imagine a student of law school, which discredits each fact and wants to prove his own opinion? Right you are, teachers didn’t like him. And Bobby, in his turn, never gave up, cause nothing can be 100% right in our world.

Perhaps, this spirit is not so welcomed in the years of studentship, but it is very important when collecting reliable information about online casinos. No condition is presented just because it is written on the official site, Robert checks out everything on his own and only if reality matches the facts, we mention the data in our reviews.


Can there be 3 men and all of them serious? No way, there must be at least one happy, positive and light-minded. Pleased to meet you, my friend. While the others seek for items based on law, legal conditions, safe options and other attributes, I take care of the fun you are bound to receive once the previous items are okey.

I look through the casino softwares, which allow Canadians launch the sites for real money play, examine the games and their varieties. New comers may be not aware of the winning chances and the ways of getting the jackpot. That is when, they can observe the analyzes of all the necessary points on our blog.

Site Idea

The main reason why our experience is more valuable than presented on any other site is that our legal education gives us more chances to puzzle out casino terms, their bonuses, etc. Unfortunately, it is a common practice when online casinos allure the players with promising conditions and then turn out to be rather non-profitable. We know all the legal conditions and our experts are ready to share every single detail with you.